Max Blank Erfurt SP

Max Blank Erfurt SP


Max Blank Erfurt Corner Stoves with heat storage option (SP)

The Erfurt and Erfurt SP are exceptional space-saving corner stoves by any standards. The SP model is the taller of the two and is designed to accommodate an extra 39kg of heat accumulating stones above the fire chamber with this extra height further adding to its appeal as a striking focal point in the corner of a living space. Both Erfurt stoves have stylishly slim looks which are greatly enhanced by the tall seamless glass windows on the self locking door L-shaped door. This gives you an excellent view of the tall raised fire chamber which allows you to load longer logs wigwam style (see our video here). This chamber is lined with 14kg of 30mm thick heat-storing Chamotte ceramic clay panels for superior environmental performance and, because of the big two-sided fire chamber door, you have total access to the firebed which makes loading so much easier. The Chamotte panels will add an additional element of slow heat release after the fire has died down.

One of the distinct advantages of Max Blank stoves is their ability to burn both logs and wood pellets (without electricity) when the optional stainless steel pellet box is fitted (either factory or retro). Not only does this provide you with flexible fuel choice and improved efficiency (up to 91% tested efficiency with pellets on the Erfurt models) but this also creates an equally attractive and homely flame pattern. It only takes about five minutes to simply switch between the different fuels when the stove has begun to cool down and when using the heat resistant gloves supplied with your stove. Depending on how much fuel you add the Erfurt will also provide you with a tested heat output range of between 3.0kW and 7.2kW, with a declared tested nominal of 5.9kW (wood), making it a practical choice for the larger open plan living space.

If you opt for the Erfurt SP heat-storage stove, with its 39kg of heat storage stones above the firebox, it will deliver you a minimum of three hours additional slow release heat after the fire dies down and once the stove has been operating for a few hours. This makes this heating method much more emissions-friendly than slumber or low burning, especially for well-insulated post-2008 homes where the Erfurt's 100mm direct external air supply inlet will also be an important energy efficient feature. This inlet can be located at ground level at the rear or under the stove base for discreet under-floor ducting (see the download manual), but this must be specified at the time of ordering your stove. The Erfurt's flat metal base detail and concealed adjustable feet make it easy to ensure that this tall slim stove is 100% vertical, even on uneven floors.