Horse Flame Artemis Stove

Horse Flame Artemis Stove

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An amazingly good stove and fantastic quality and value for money. The Horse Flame Artemis Multifuel Stove has simple looks and compact style means it will fit just about anywhere, easily filling a typical sized room with economical and controllable heat.

More choice, including wood
With the Horse Flame Artemis Radiant Stove not only can you burn wood, but you can safely use standard coal, briquettes, turf, peat and anthracite. The heat-resistant high chrome internal castings also make the stove suitable for smokeless fuels that burn at much higher temperatures than normal household coal.

‘Clean Burn’ secondary burn chamber for improved performance Horse Flame’s secondary burn chamber ensures that a minimum of 90% of emitted gases and particles are re-burned to turn into additional heat and energy. This means you get a cleaner and more efficient combustion of the solid fuel which is therefore also much better for the environment. This greater all-round efficiency saves on fuel, especially at low burn settings. The single fire door feature also adds to the increased efficiency.

Dual Air Controls for flexible burn rate
These balance the rate of burn to optimise the stove’s efficiency whilst at the same time helping to produce excellent flame patterns, allowing you to get the stove’s heat output exactly right for your room.

Air Wash system for a cosier look
The Horse Flame Air Wash system draws air from the top of the door to ‘wash’ the inner surface of the front door glass, helping prevent unwanted particle deposits blackening it, and thus maintaining a clear view of your fire.

Built for low maintenance and years of faithful service. Heavy duty, long lasting cast iron construction and heat resistant high chrome internal castings. Polished stainless steel fittings. 5 year comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee.

Available in Matt Black or Black Enamel Finish.