Dunsley Avance 500

Dunsley Avance 500


Dunsley Avance 500 5.0kW Wood Burner

At long last, a totally brand new Ecodesign Ready stove from Dunsley Heat, the Yorkshire stove makers – and as you'd expect, the Avance is a pretty great one too. Their long-lived Highlander stoves have proved that when Dunsley make a stove you can bet your bottom dollar that they won't have skimped on materials and that it will not only be built to last but will also deliver you outstanding performance. We're pleased to say that the 5.0kW Dunsley Avance wood burner is obviously designed to continue with that rich heritage.

Being an SIA Ecodesign Ready stove ensures that the Avance 500 is at the forefront of clean burn combustion and will be just about as emissions friendly and as efficient as it's possible to be using currently available technology. It's ErP A+ rated with an excellent efficiency of up to 81.2% and has rapid response flame pattern adjustment from a single user-friendly slider control. Pre-heated tertiary air, which adds an extra level of combustion towards the top of the fire chamber, helps to reduce particulate emissions when burning fully seasoned wood.

The Dunsley Avance 500 is 605mm wide (wider than most) and at just 275mm deep, it's also one of the slimmest 5.0kW stoves making it an ideal choice for chimney breasts that aren't particularly deep or where a big visual presence is desired. The wide fire chamber also means that the Avance can be loaded with logs up to 450mm /18" long (longer than most). It also features a big picture window and Dunsley's stylish handle design. Both the bodywork and handle come in a choice of finishes with the grey bodywork and stainless handle being a big favourite at The Stove Yard (ask for details). If you want to burn smokeless coal then you can also specify the optional multi-fuel open grate (not externally riddled) with short leg and log store models also available.