Dovre Sense 100

Dovre Sense 100

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Dovre Sense 100 Series 4.9kW Wood Burning Stoves

There are 11 stoves in the Sense 100 range – with high or short legs (Sense 100 / 110) and with high or short legs plus large side windows (Sense 110 / 113). Some of these models, but not all, have optional Black, Grey or Pure White gloss enamel bodywork. There's also an optional Defra Smoke Exempt Kit to allow you to legally burn logs in a UK Smoke Control Area (which is actually most urban areas). The curved ultra-slim Sense 100 stove at only 360mm deep is in every way a designer stove, and like a lot of Dovre's contemporary stoves, the Sense's stylish looks are unique and will ensure that whichever Sense stove you choose it will make an attractive and highly distinctive focal point in most typical to medium sized living rooms.

The all too rare traditional all-cast iron construction also sets the Sense 100 stoves apart from other contemporary designs which are usually steel bodied (with the possible exception of some of Morsø stoves). The premium quality castings are not only built to last but importantly are also designed to provide you with an amazing amount of slow release stored heat after the flames have gone. The Sense incorporates Dovre's clean burn combustion technology and efficient airwash system to deliver a controllable heat output range between 2.3kW and 7.0kW, with a practical nominal of 4.9kW and efficiency of 79.5%.

As you'd expect from a cutting edge stove, the Sense can, if you prefer, take its combustion air from an optional direct external air supply (DEAS) thus reducing potential draughts. There's also an optional rear heat shield to reduce the safe distance to combustable materials from 300mm to just 100mm at the rear to widen the Sense 100's installation options. Also check out the uber-cool Sense 200 series stoves for even more styles to choose from.