Hungry Penguin Multi-Fuel Stove

Hungry Penguin Multi-Fuel Stove

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Chilli Penguin Hungry Penguin 5kW Multi Fuel Stove with Oven Box

The Hungry Penguin is the stove that kick-started it all off for the Chilli Penguin company in Wales way back in 2001 and it has certainly stood the test of time. This is probably, because it's a bit of a one-off so that over the years it has succeeded in building a strong fan base attracted by the fact that the Hungry Penguin is not only a highly efficient wood burning and smokeless coal stove but also features a practical oven as well as a separate hot plate on the lid. You can also choose a factory fitted integral 1.4kW stainless steel boiler to supply domestic hot water or for powering a couple of small radiators. Adding a boiler will also help reduce the safe distances to combustible materials that are so important when, for example, installing the stove in a temporary wooden leisure building. There's also a matching plinth, more of a store stand, which then allows you to place the stove on a 12mm decorative non-combustible hearth, thus overcoming the need to build a brick, stone or concrete constructional hearth. Along with its compact shape and small footprint, as well as its choice of six colours, this all makes the Hungry Penguin a very appealing stove for the growing off-grid market, as well as for anyone in a rural location prone to power cuts.

The Hungry Penguin's practical-sized glass fronted oven box (internal dimensions H100 W250 D220 mm) will reach an operating temperature between 250 to 300ºC, happily ticking over between 140 and 180ºC, making it suitable for a wide range of simple home cooked dishes. As a matter of interest, Chilli Penguin's website includes a number of tasty tried and tested recipes geared up for the Hungry Penguin including spicy vegetables with lentil rice, beef and bacon lasagne and marmalade cake. The hotplate is big enough to take a kettle, coffee pot or small saucepan for even greater versatility. The Hungry Penguin can be used in a Smoke Control Area (Defra Approved) but this must be specified at the time of ordering your stove. This allows you to, not only burn wood in an urban area, but also, since the Hungry Penguin is much cleaner-burning in this Defra configuration, it can be used with a smaller 125mm (5") flue system, as opposed to the 150mm (6") mandated for non-Defra stoves. Please note the Hungry Penguin will not be Defra Approved when used with the integral boiler.

To sum up, it's very easy to understand then why the Hungry Penguin is Chilli Penguin's second most popular stove just behind the petite Chilli Billie and if you ask us it's almost worth buying it alone for the marmalade cake capability – try doing that on your average Morsø Squirrel.