Charnwood SLX45FS Freestanding Boiler Stove

Charnwood SLX45FS Freestanding Boiler Stove

Our Price £2736.00

The SLX 45 has identical looks and features to that of the SLX20, but features a thermostatically controlled, integral boiler that delivers a heat output sufficient to power 8-9 radiators and ample hot water. Because it is fitted with a water temperature sensitive thermostat, heating controls can be fitted, to give heat precisely when and where it is needed.

Also available as an inset stove.

* Converting grate
* Cool-to-touch handle for safe and easy reloading
* Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
* Suitable for underfloor heating

* Choice of 8 matt colours or gloss black enamel