Kit Pizzaiolo

Kit Pizzaiolo


Tool kit 90cm handle length

+ £315.00

Tool kit 120cm handle length

+ £385.00

Alfa pizza-making tool kit (Kit Pizzaiolo)

Alfa Pizza have thought of everything that you might need to make baking pizza in your own oven even easier and then they've put them together in one great value kit. As with everything that the Alfa Pizza put their name to, the functionality and production quality of every piece in this Italian-made collection is exceptional. It's no wonder that Alfa are world leaders in the art of baking pizza outdoors. Three different sets are available depending on how long you want your peel (that's the tool that you move the pizza in and out of the oven with) and each set comes with Alfa Pizza's speciality cook book full of fool-proof recipes.

Available in 90cm or 120cm lengths.

Each Alfa Pizza tool kit comprises the following essentials:

• Ember Mover – stainless steel with a long wooden handle and designed to access all areas and precisely locate burning embers
• One large spade shaped peel and one small round peel – sturdy, yet lightweight, brushed stainless steel peels, that slip under easily to make moving and rotating your pizzas ever so simple
• Brush – long wooden handled woven brass bristled brush for effective access for cleaning and the preservation of the complete refractory floor
• Pizza cutter – removable stainless steel wheel blade for easy cleaning
• Handmade steamed beach wood paddle – for prepping and moving the pizza base
• Pastry Cutter – with stainless steel blade to slice through raw dough
• Heat resistant glove – a safety first essential, washable 100% knitted cotton
• Handmade spruce chopping board – furrowed sections to easily ensure consistent sized pizza slices
• Pizza dough ball box – to aid the rising process and also keep away unwanted garden critters (H100 W300 L400 mm approx)
• Infrared Thermometer – take precise cooking surface temperature readings for the perfect pizza base every time
• Specialist cook book – every recipe a proven winner and all tailored to Alfa Pizza ovens