Ex-Display & Ex-Live Stoves

We have over 20 live and 80 display stoves across our Northern Ireland and Cheshire showrooms, occasionally these are changed for newer or different models and can be sold to you at reduced prices. There will be both ex-live and ex-display stoves shown, both will be in excellent condition and thoroughly checked over before being sold.

Please note Ex-live stoves cannot be shipped and are only available in-store, either in our Cheshire or Newtownards showrooms. Ex-display stoves may or may not have the box included, but will be appropriately packaged before dispatch and may be subject to additional postage charges depending on location.   

Ex-display Stoves in Northern Ireland

Ex-Display Stoves in our Northern Ireland Showroom

Ex-Display Stoves Cheshire

Ex-Display Stoves in our Cheshire Showroom

Ex-display stoves available online

Ex-Display Stoves Available Online