Fondis Wood Burning Inset Stoves

Inset stoves par excellence

Fondis set the benchmark for contemporary inset stove designs and they've set it very high indeed. Now in their fourth decade the French-based company is internationally recognised for the technical excellence of its engineering and the highest environmental performance of its stoves so much so that exports now account for over a third of its production. Continuously innovating and with numerous patents, Fondis is the first stovemaker in the world to introduce a 'Zero CO' ready stove – a testament to the extremely high environmental and technological standards they set themselves – and as if that wasn't enough Fondis insets are also very beautiful to look at and very easy to install.

Ulys – Inset or open fire? Why not have both?

Ulys insets let you decide. That's because their user friendly 'slide up and hide away' doors allow you to easily convert your stove into an open fire whenever you want – and what a great looking open fire it will make too. The Ulys series also offers you even more flexibility with its choice of seven wood burning models, including double sided and right or left-handed corner insets, as well an ever-so wide 'landscape' model for the ultimate visual statement. All have high, but easy to control, heat outputs and feature four practical hot air ducts at the top of the fireboxes to allow you to deliver warm air to additional rooms and living spaces within your home. Two models, the Ulys 700 and 900, can also be fitted with an integral 'Zero CO' catalytic convertor option – a world's first, which virtually eliminates CO and particulate emissions and therefore makes either model the absolute greenest choice for the low energy environmentally friendly home.

Fondis Ulys Inset Stove

Stella 3 – setting the highest standards for designer inset stoves

Stella III is the very latest range of wood burning inset stoves from Fondis, the inset specialist, and sets their already high standards for insets even higher. There is a choice of five different sized models, from the elegantly tall V350 to the super metre-wide H1000. Then there's also the double-sided Stella III H700. All feature comparatively bigger windows than previously because of the new frameless Visioceram® self-cleaning glass doors and slimmer minimalist framework – in fact, they really are an architect's or interior designer's dream inset stove because all you virtually end up seeing is pure flame. In addition, if you really can't bare to be without an open fire, the unique Fondis Smoke Bypass System, which is designed to avoid smoke entering the room, means you can safely leave the Stella III's concealed guillotine door fully open and use the fire chamber as a beautifully big open fireplace.

Fondis Stella Inset Stove

V Series – the practical contemporary inset solution

There's a choice of four wood burning inset stoves in the Fondis V series, including the Fondis V80 LDF double sided inset, with each one featuring sleek contemporary design, highly efficient controllable combustion, superior quality steel fireboxes, Visioceram self cleaning glass – which stays clear even at the end of the burn cycle, stay-cool silicone insulated door handles and optional external air inlets. There are also three different decor frame options, including a stylish bevelled frame and a vented frame which, when combined with the optional electric fan system (or natural convection, if you prefer), allows you to quickly move the V's hot air around to warm even in a large living space. Smaller diameter flues and the hinged side opening doors can make a Fondis V series inset stove a more practical and easier installation solution, particularly when being retro-fitted. In addition V series insets have been tested to operate cleanly and efficiently at much lower heat outputs than your average inset stove so that it is possible to leave your stove safely on 'tick-over' for much longer periods.

Fondis V Series Inset Stove

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