Dan Skan Stoves

Excellence takes many forms... Designer Danish stoves from The Stove Yard. You really have to see contemporary stove designs in the flesh to fully appreciate the subtle metalwork and other detailing features that make them so special. But most importantly, it is only when you get to compare the build qualities of one stove with another that you really get to see where your money goes. Then choosing the best stove becomes very easy because, quite simply, nothing really compares to modern stoves from Dan Skan.

Danish stoves made by Dan Skan enjoy such a big fan base in Europe: class-leading efficiency with minimal pollution, a host of patented features, plus precision engineering that any German car maker would be proud of, are just part of the appeal. Newer models feature IHS (Intelligent Heat System) technology, this allows you to set the desired room temperature via remote control and the stove will do the rest, including warning you when the temperature drops and to refuel the stove - using a stove could not have been made easier. 

Dan Skan Nuro 120 stove

The stunning Dan Skan Nuro 120 with side glass

Within their modern stove range there are 22 colour combinations, 12 footprints, including corner units, as well as a range of practical outputs and external air feed, make Dan Skan the only choice for real choice. For new build projects you have a real opportunity to create an impressive and practical focal point and, compared with some of the other costs you will pay, choosing the very best state-of-the-art stove could undoubtedly be one of your better buys. So take your time, do your homework and then choose a Dan Skan stove from The Stove Yard, many models are available to view in our Northern Ireland and Cheshire showrooms with several being used as live display models.

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