Charnwood Stoves

British, through and through, Charnwood build stoves that can easily stand comparison with the best of the Scandinavian stoves, so much so that they are probably the only British stove maker to make any real in-roads with our exacting European neighbours. This is because their quintessentially British stove designs are renowned for the high quality of their construction and choice of premium materials as well as their outstanding efficiency and performance. They also make stoves for a number of local authorities so they know how to deliver ultra reliability, user friendly operation and long-lasting value for money.

Charnwood offer you one of the biggest stove choices from any British manufacturer – including Defra Approved stoves as well as a number of boiler stove options and inset stoves (SLX range). Basically there are four Charnwood ranges – the traditionally styled entry-level Country stoves, the contemporary designed Cove stoves with advanced combustion, the Tor designer pedestal stoves and the latest, and best-selling, C Series with their classic lines and the latest clean burn technology.

charnwood C-four stove

The popular Charnwood C-Four 4.9kW stove

So when you buy a Charnwood stove you're making an investment that will reward you many times over with a warm and cosy home each and every cold winter day for years to come – and when you take time to reflect on it, what you've paid for what you've got will seem very modest indeed. That's what Charnwood have been working hard for since the day they built their first stoves some forty years ago – peace of mind and total customer satisfaction.

The Stove Yard Cheshire is an approved Charnwood stove dealer ensuring that you'll get expert advice about each Charnwood stove

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