Caframo Ecofan

Although the French have always been big fans of these we have to admit that we resisted the lure of the stove fan for a number of years. It wasn't until one of our customers started raving about how good theirs was that we decided to buy one and test it out. We plumped for the patented Ultrair EcofanĀ®, the market leader for the last two dcades, and we've not been disappointed. You'll see cheaper stove fans elsewhere on the net, and over the years we've tried most of them too, but this is the original and genuine and in our opinion by far still the best stove fan. It's easy to see why the Canadian-made Ecofan outsells all of the others combined.

Gently disperses warm air throughout the room

For a start the Ecofan is much heavier than you might think and the construction is almost approaching aerospace quality. The main part of the body looks like plastic (which is what we'd always thought) but it is actually an extremely high quality casting beautifully powder-coated and the little motor, which converts the stove's heat into electricity, operates the fan blade perfectly silently, even when the stove's fire begins to die down. The big Ecofan blade has been specifically designed to deliver a broad cross section of gentle warm air movement from above the stove (rather than a nasty narrow 'tube') as well as help to minimise uncomfortable drafts.What this all means is that warm air is quickly pushed further into the living space rather than being just allowed to rise, thus increasing the stove's heating effectiveness and providing a more comfortable heat.

Tested and proven to work

The manufacturer says that tests carried out by a leading Canadian University confirm that when the the Ecofan is used with a wood burner or multi fuel stove it could result in savings on fuel and emissions of up to 18%. Although the Ecofan is handsome enough to sit at the very front of the stove it actually works much better when placed at the back so that the warm air rising from the big area of hot lid in front of the Ecofan, can be easily moved in volume around the room. So if you're looking to distribute your stove's heat to the hall or to another room then the Ecofan stove fan is the 'must have' stove accessory. There are four Ecofans to choose including the 806 BelAir fan for stoves with soapstone tops.

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