05.03.16 Homemade Sausage Rolls

After weeks of sausages and vegetable roll on a Saturday morning we decided it would be nice to try something different (ever so slightly), and everyone loves sausage rolls. We followed Gill Meller's Big Sausage Roll recipe from the River Cottage Pigs & Pork Handbook, with the difference being we used the Big Green Egg instead of an oven. Cooked on our XL Big Green Egg display in the Newtownards Showroom. 

Big Green Egg Setup

Pre-heated to 180o

Plate Setter


Gill Meller's Big Sausage Rolls from Pigs & Pork, River Cottage Handbook No.14

Minced Pork Belly was used as the sausage meat.

Recipe Link - River Cottage


Simply cut the roll in to 1" lengths, place on a baking tray and set in to the Big Green Egg

Tip: These turned out very smokey when cooked in the Big Green Egg, this may not be to everyone's taste.

For those short on time, purchase ready-made pastry, this will drastically speed up the process (and reduce mess!). We would also recommend using a grill pan in place of the baking tray to allow fat to drip away from the sausage rolls.