24.07.2015 Testing the Pizza Stone

Everyone loves pizza, so we thought we'd have a go at baking a few on the Big Green Egg.

Setup Requirements

Plate Setter

Pizza/Baking Stone

Aluminium Pizza Peel

BGE Temperature: 500-600oF /260-320oC


Pizza Dough

Tomato sauce, Cheese

Your choice of toppings



Light the charcoal and leave open to allow a good fire to take hold as high temperatures are needed.

There are numerous ways to configure your Big Green Egg for pizza baking. For our attempt we opted to put the plate setter legs up, and simply place the baking stone on top of the stainless steel cooking grid.

After all the components are in place, close lid and aim for the target temperature, remain at this temperature for 30-45 minutes to get the pizza stone up to temperature.

For making the pizza, simply roll out the dough thin enough to handle but not thin enough to fall apart, use a few pinches of flour to prior to rolling to prevent the dough sticking to the surface. First add the tomato sauce, then cheese and any other toppings you desire.

Sprinkle a small amount of flour on the heated baking stone and carefully transfer over the pizza. Close the lid and wait around 10-15 minutes (depends on baking stone temperature and dome temperature).

Using the aluminium pizza peel, slide the pizza off the baking stone.

Please Note: Your temperatures may vary from ours and this will alter the cooking times, for pizzas we find it best to experiment with several different setups and temperatures to get the desired results.

Here is failed first attempt, this is the result of the baking stone not being hot enough.