22.07.15 'Beer Can' Chicken

We try our hand at using the Sittin' Chicken Ceramic Roaster to cook a chicken on the Big Green Egg

Setup Requirements

Plate Setter

Sittin' Chicken Ceramic Roaster

Round Drip Pan

BGE Temperature:


1 Whole chicken

1 Bottle of ale or beer

A few vegetables: tomatoes, courgettes, onions and lemons (adjust according to preference)

Salt & Pepper for seasoning


Place the ceramic roaster in the drip tray and around 200ml of the ale or beer.

Season the chicken with salt, pepper and any herbs/spices that you desire.

Slice the vegetables in to small chunks and arrange around the base of the ceramic roaster in the drip tray, now carefully place the chicken over the roaster.

With the plate setter in and the Big Green Egg up to temperature, set in the chicken and close the lid.