Alfa Pizza Domo Gas Pizza Oven

Domo Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven by Alfa Pizza 

With all the convenience of bottled gas, the Italian made Alfa Pizza's Domo oven can easily bake you up to eight perfect pizzas, two at a time, in just 15 minutes, anywhere outdoors. The Domo's splayed legs with big rubber wheels and the large sturdy side grip have been designed to allow you to effortlessly manoeuvre all of its 125 kilos across an uneven patio, ribbed decking or lawn surface (or even by the kitchen door) and then to provide you with a rock solid base for safe outdoor cooking.

The versatile Domo features the same contemporary styling and robust build quality as the popular Ciao wood fired pizza oven range, but with a controllable gas burner. There is a large stainless steel variable flame control knob and piezo ignition button for quick and easy firing and then precise temperature setting as you need it to allow you to cook a wide range of dishes, including pizzas. The Domo will be ready to receive its first pair of pizzas within just 15 minutes and will then quickly produce a couple more every couple of minutes thereafter.

Say goodbye to soggy bottomed pizzas! The Domo's oven floor features removable hollow refractory ceramic tiles designed to deliver you even cooking of the whole pizza base (including thin and crispy if that's the way you prefer them) whilst the stainless steel dome has been constructed to retain heat and not waste it for quick and even baking of the thickest pizza toppings. Alfa Pizza have been making authentic outdoor pizza ovens for over four decades now so that when they produce a gas fired oven like the Domo you can be sure that it's going to do nothing less than excel at baking great flavoursome pizzas – just the way they're made in Italy.

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