Ciao Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Alfa Pizza's stylish Ciao wood fired pizza ovens come in three different sizes and capacities – the Ciao S single pizza, the Ciao M double pizza and the Ciao L triple pizza. All of them authentically Italian and designed to quickly bake traditional pizzas just the way the Italians make them and with that unique flavour that only a wood fired oven gives you. You may think you know pizzas but until you've baked one in your very own wood fired oven in the comfort of your own back garden or patio then you really haven't lived. It's simply one of life's great outdoor pleasures. It will also make you wonder how the pizza takeaways can charge you so much for something that is so cheap and easy to make. This makes the Ciao oven a must for hungry families.

All three Ciao ovens can also handle anything you can cook in a traditional oven including roasts, grills, anything that can be cooked in an oven-proof dish and even bread. There's a handy temperature gauge to help you monitor the oven temperature, as well as an observation hatch on the door to ensure that you get perfect controllable results every time. There's a large front opening with a removable stainless steel door with a large stay-cool handle the allows you to control the fire inside as well as provide safe and easy access to the cooking surface. Two slots allow the door to be securely positioned at the front of the stove so that it is always ready for action when needed.

The Ciao pizza oven is so much quicker than other wood fired pizza ovens too and it will normally be ready to cook your first 10 – 12" pizza within just 15 minutes with an oven-full of pizza every couple of minutes thereafter – that's three pizzas for the Ciao S and nine for the Ciao L in only10 minutes!. In fact that's probably quicker than you can actually prepare the next lot of pizzas. This is all thanks to Alfa Pizza's policy of continuous product refinement and innovative designs (they've been designing and making them for over 40 years now, including commercial ovens) as well as the CIao's special combination of the 30mm deep hollow refractory ceramic cooking surface tiles (these are removable for cleaning) and premium stainless steel construction of the dome which allows the oven to build up heat extremely quickly with the minimum amount of wood fuel used. The ceramic cooking floor will then gently transmit heat to ensure even baking across the whole pizza base.

Outstanding performance, premium quality materials and superb build quality have helped make Alfa Pizza ovens world leaders in outdoor cooking but it's the cool Italian design that put Ciao pizza ovens in another class. Even the smallest oven, the Ciao S, weighs in at a staggering 85kg (over 13 stone!) so it's a relief to know that the sturdy splayed legs are designed to ensure stability and the large rubber wheels will help glide the Ciao effortlessly across grass, uneven paved patios or ribbed decking. The Ciao is virtually ready to use straight from the box – just add the legs and wheels and drop on the flue. You've got a heritage of outstanding back-up too with loads of accessories and recipe ideas. Check out the Alfa Pizza magazine and video below to see exactly what we mean.

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